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If you're given the time and space to talk things through, you can find a way through your problems.

Samaritans help you to explore your options so you can make decisions that are right for you.Many people carry 'emotional baggage' around with them for years.  This can have a negative impact on their health and self esteem. Talking about these feelings can release these concerns and allow the caller to move on.

We do this by giving callers all the time and space they need to express their feelings in a totally confidential and secure atmosphere.

We do not judge or criticise, but we do encourage callers to talk about anything that may be worrying them, no matter what that might be.

We create an environment that allows callers to talk, maybe for the first time, about their deepest feelings.  This has proven emotional benefits.

Callers have the benefit of talking to someone who is trained to really listen.

Cyprus Samaritans are available to provide this service in the long or short term; we will be there for a caller as long as he/she wants us.

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