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All information relating to a caller is confidential to Cyprus Samaritans unless:

1.  We have informed consent from a caller to pass on information.

2.  We receive a court order requiring  us to share information or are required by Cyprus specific legislation to do so.

3.  We receive information about acts of terrorism, bomb warnings or threats to life.

4.  We call an ambulance because at the time the caller appears unable to make decisions for themselves  or becomes unconscious having given the details of your location.

5.  When we have the details of/from a child under 17, or, of/from a vulnerable adult, we may contact the relevant authorities if it is identified that they are at risk of serious abuse or harm. (We will always encourage callers to make contact directly).

6.  If a caller threatens the safety of our volunteers, or deliberately prevents our service being

      delivered to other callers.

7.  Information is only ever shared with other Samaritan volunteers to the benefit of our callers.

8.  E-mail callers should be aware that our e-mail address will appear on their device.


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