Sex & Relationship

The section below is taken from the UK Relate Website. While making many references to services that are only available in the UK, it contains some very helpful advice and guidance for people experiencing all types of relationship issues.


We have also included some additional links to websites that provide information, about contraception, abortion and sexually transmitted infections. It must be remembered that the culture and attitudes in Cyprus to certain issues are different , and this must be respected. It must also be remembered that the age of consent in Cyprus is 17.


Cyprus Samaritans do not provide advice on these issues, but we do offer  a service that supports you by allowing you to talk in complete confidence, to trained listeners, who can help you express your fears and feelings. You do not have to go through these problems on your own, Cyprus Samaritans is here to help you.


Family Life common problems

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Older People common problems

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Relationship common problems

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Separating/Divorcing common problems

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LGBT common problems

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Sex life common problems

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Young people’s common problems

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Sexually Transmitted Infections  (HIV Specifc)


Cyprus Samaritans does not operate or control these sites and is not responsible for any of their content.  The existence of these links does not constitute an endorsement of the websites, nor the views expressed in them.  Your linking to these sites is entirely at your own risk.